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  • Corporate Eyecare

How does it work?

As part of our corporate eyecare plan, we now accept accept ASE corporate vouchers, eyecareplans, edenred vouchers, and Intelligent Corporate Eyecare Vouchers. If you’re not sure whether your voucher is accepted, give us a call and we will be able to tell you straight away.

On-site visits

  1. Call our Corporate Manager on 0800 032 6113 to arrange an onsite visit.
  2. Your local Direct Eyecare Registered Optometrist and dispensing assistant will visit your workplace. Using mobile equipment we will accurately establish whether there is a need for a VDU prescription. We will also check the health of your employees' eyes.
  3. We will give a full report and helpful advice at the end of each test in accordance with The Sight Testing (Examination and Prescription) Regulations 1989.
  4. If you require updated glasses you can choose from a large selection of stylish frames at excellent value.
  5. We will return quickly with your individual glasses for fitting and check your vision.
  6. We provide a full aftercare service in your workplace if you require further adjustments to your glasses or advice.

Two separate rooms are required for an onsite visit

Room one: The test room. This room must be at least three metres in length. At least one power point is required with two chairs and a small table or desk.

Room two: The Dispensing room / area. This can be enclosed or open plan as there is no size restriction but it is best to be well lit. Two chairs and two or three tables or desks are required on which to display the frames with one power point.

We charge a very competitive sight test fee per employee. If you have a large organisation please e-mail or ring our practice manager to discuss a suitable package.

Cost Control
Our Dispensing Registered Opticians will audit orders to ensure only glasses prescribed for VDU use are supplied through your company.